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Kalamegh Syrup

Illness of liver, Jaundice, Constipation, Fever, Indigestion and other problems of liver and gallbladder.

Rajdami Capsule

Impotency, Sexual Weakness, decreased working ability, nervous excitement, depression, insomnia, tiredness, excitement and depressed mental situation.

Santonine 1X

Various types of worm such as Hook worm, ring worm, tapeworm and flatworm.

Vasaka Syrup

Dry Cough from sternal region all over chest, Hoarseness, Larynx painful, Cough with sneezing, severe dyspnea with cough, Tightness across chest, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, whooping cough & with other indications of Justicia.

Respiraj 30 ml Drop

Respiraj is a Homoeopathic combination medicine manufactured according to the formulation of ALPHA-COFF of internationally renowned homoeopathic manufacturer and researcher of Dr. Willmar Schwabe, Germany. It is highly effective in soothing and providing relief from cough and related respiratory infections. …

Calcarea Sulphurica

Eczema and skin eruptions

Calcarea Fluorica

Varicose veins & piles

Calcarea Phosphorica

Bone Problems, Teething complaints in infants


Brittle nails, acne & boils

Ferrum Phosphoricum

Anaemia and acute fever

Magnesium Phosphoricum

Spasms, cramps, headaches

Natrum Sulphuricum

Cough & dyspnea in wet weather

Natrum Muriaticum

Cold with watery discharge

Natrum Phosphoricum

Indigestion and hyperacidity

Kali Muriaticum

Stuffy nose with white thick phlegm

Kali Sulphuricum

Itchy & Scaly Skin

Kali Phosphoricum

Weakness of muscles and nerves

Viro-R 30 ml Drop

Viro-R is a Homoeopathic combination medicine manufactured according to the formulation of AF 200 of internationally renowned homoeopathic manufacturer and researcher of SBL, France. It brings quick and significant attenuation of signs and symptoms of influenza and is highly effective …

Gastroraj 30 ml Drop

Gastroraj is a homoeo combination drop formulated according to the research product of Dr. Willmar Schwabe Germany Carbo Vegetabilis Pentarkan Ptk. 22 formula. Products of Pentarkan series by Schwabe are especially formulated products and these are established by Research and …

Alfalfa Syrup

Anemia, Lack of appetite, mental alertness, Regeneration after exhausting illness, Digestive functions, Nervous tension, stress and irritability.


As per Homoeopathic pharmacopeia of United state (HPUS)

DMS Sugar(sugar and milk)

A convenient Vehicle for dispensing Homeopathic Medicine .

Nux Vom Q(3)

Frostbite, weakness, lack of ability to work, nervous tension, Depression, lack of sleep,


Contains: kali phos 3x cal phos 3x kali sulph 3x nat Mur 3x. Disease indicates white pores.

Rajalfa Syrup

RajAlfa is very effective in the state of broken health. RajAlfa has a lot of blood circulating in the body

Rajloki Syrup

Loss of appetite, Vomiting, Indigestion with other abnormalities of the abdomen, Hair fall with dandruff, Common Cold, Skin Diseases & in all cases of Vitamin “C” deficiency.

sanguinaria Nil 3x

New and old flux, headache acne pain with cold allergy, quick corky pain right.