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Nux Vom Q(3)

Nerve Enhancement

Disease guidance

Frostbite, weakness, lack of ability to work, nervous tension,

Depression, lack of sleep, fatigue, tension and depression.

Food and Beverages Regulations

Prophecy: According to the advice of a doctor, one hour prior to one hour or daily after the need.


Keep the children out of reach, cool and dry.


Each 500mg Capsule Contains:

Acid phos-4x            40 mg

Agnus Cast -4x         40 mg

Ambra Grisea-4x     40 mg

Cincona off -4x        40 mg

Conium M-4x           40 mg

Daminan-4x              40 mg

Moschis-4x               40 mg

Nux Vom-4x             40 mg

Sabal Serr-4x            40 mg