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Alfalfa Syrup

Alfalfa Syrup

Alfalfa is a natural tonic for human body. It is very essential for human body to maintain good health both mentally and physically with a very good energy level. Alfalfa works on a wide range of varieties of problems. Disorders related with malnutrition e.g. nerve weakness, insomnia, restlessness, nerve indigestion is mainly can be treated with this medicine. It is also indicated for sexual disability, increased thrust and prostatic hypertrophy. It is also very beneficial for pregnant women to maintain good health during pregnancy period. It is also effective for maintain good health in women after delivery and increases breast milk in lactating mother.

Composition: Each 05 ml contains extract of Medicago sativa 0.5 gm and other ingredients.

Ref: Bangladesh Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia (BHP)

 Indications: Anemia, Lack of appetite, mental alertness, Regeneration after exhausting illness, Digestive functions, Nervous tension, stress and irritability.

Dosage:  For adult 01 table spoon or 15 ml for children 05 ml 03 (three) times daily 01 (one) hour before meal or as directed by the registered physician.

Shake the bottle before each use.

Store in a cool and dry place, away from direct sun light. Keep out of reach of Children.

Presentation: Alfalfa 450 ml syrup contains 450 ml syrup supplied into amber color PET bottle with measuring cup.