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RajAlfa Syrup 200ml


Each 100 ml contains

Alfalfa                     5 ml

Avena saty                5 ml

Ginseng                    2 ml

Cinchona off          0.25 ml

Hydrastis               0.25 ml

Kali Ars       4x      1 ml

Kali Phos     3x      1 ml

Ferrum asset 6x     1 ml

Calcarea Phos 6x   0.5 ml

Other  excipients Q.R to 100ml


RajAlfa is very effective in the state of broken health.

RajAlfa has a lot of blood circulating in the body, raising the mind and nervous system, raising breast milk and helping to increase body weight.

Today, hunger and digestion enhance energy.

Everything increases the normal speed of the body and makes it healthy.

Just and enjoying the rules

1 table spoon of children 1 teaspoon of 1 to 12 years. 13 to 18 years 2 teaspoons 3 times a day before 1 hour or according to the advice of the doctor.

Keep them from the light in the cold and dry places. Shake well before serving.