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srijan Pumking

Keeps the head cold, prevents hair fall and increases memory strength

Hair is essential to enhance the beauty of the human. Hairstyles are usually six months.

So, every time the hair falls and continues to grow. Early due to hair loss

Hair falls down, hair becomes white, head is hot, soaked in horizontal etc. In that case

Roongan Kadu or Creation Pamakit Oil is very effective. It keeps head cool, hair growth

By doing and strengthening the hair of the hair. Feeling hairy Hair grow

Helps Bring sunshine. It is more than conventional head oil



The name of the UNANNAME is 10 Million in the scientific name

Abe Kadu Draz (La Ross) Langenaria Sicarla 10 ml

Like other material quantities

Functionality: Insomnia, warmth-related headaches, especially sleep deprivation

Functional. This is to increase cooler, talent and memory power

Dimension: Place the palm of the head as needed.

Side effects: No adverse reaction has been received till date.

Exhibition: 100 ml and 200 ml stomach bottle.