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Challenges of Free Bazar Economy In this era of globalization, our pharmaceutical institute, Sreejana Pharmaceuticals (Intrani) has taken all-out efforts. After the test by the renowned scientific institutions, herbal scientists and medical scientists, our production of Liquid Medicine, Tablet, Capsules and Food Products, and the production and production of our Liquid Drugs, Tablets, Capsules and Food Products, has been proved in the latest standards of clinical trials, clinical trials, and our productive life- Marketing is done. Ensures maximum quality,
Our commitment to human service by producing the best herbal medicines.

Creation Pharmaceuticals (Unani) In the era of this extreme excellence of science, the young workers, enthusiasts, experienced unani medicine scientist, modern pharmacists, activists and technicians have organized a gathering of innovative medicines in their own modern laboratories to continue the process of healing medicine.

Yunani Medical Science is a valuable national resource of our own tradition and one of the indigenous treatment methods of the subcontinent. About 860-377 years before the birth of Christ Jesus, Hugecates (Bocarata) established the foundations of medical science in the country of Greece. Later, scientists from Greece such as Galen, Gletto, Ebastol, Socrates, and other scientists went further in this science. The term “Unani” comes from the word “Unani” 1 originally from the science study of the world Unani, which is derived from ancient science and philosophy of the country, it is called Unani Medical Science.

The source of life is survival of man from the ancient creation of life. All the animals and animals from the trees and shrubs have been found. For the healing, people have been using plants as medicines since ancient times. In modern times, the materials in different processes are derived from the plant. From sources such as ‘Cinecinas’, ‘morphine’ from opium, ‘dyslexia’ from ‘digitalis’, ‘antrophon’, ‘tadadano’, and ‘tex 1 l’ from ‘texas’ species, sources for the development of chemical medicines The medicinal plant came from.

From the father of medical science hepatitis, the founder of modern medical science Ibn Sina, Hakim Ajmal Khan, Harikim Habibur Rahman, the path of Unani medical science, modern technology, was established in the seat of honorable status as an alternative chemist. The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes traditional line-up of the Herbal Cognitive Systembook and emphasizes the need for the highest development in the development of the system.

Unani system, in recent years, this traditional medical science has made dynamic movements in the integrated biology of pharmaceutical scientists and plant scientists from home and abroad. People have turned to nature again because of the synthetic medicine side effects, nature eating habits, environmental pollution.

Unani, Ayurvedic, Homeopathic and Aru 1 … As well as the development of medical science, the overall development of hazardous and herbal medicine across the world has added different levels of medical science and technical medicine. In addition to common diseases, these herbal medicines are more effective in the treatment of several complex, difficult, and chronic diseases. Active herbs or active herb ingredients, drainage,
Keeping up to the lifespan of refinement, dissolving, dyeing, well-being, effective herbal remedies, efficacy and medicines can now be made possible by using the latest scientific technologies. Apart from this, the use of science-based methods and world-class modern technologies is used in the preparation of various types of useful components and therapeutic drugs for the prevention and enhancement of organic and organic acceptability, chemical and biological conversion.

Regarding management: In the overall management of Creation Pharmacetic (Eunani)
There is an exception


Firstly, the proponent of the company is a successful inventor, who has been widely known throughout the country as the Managing Director of Sajeev Chemical Chemical Company (Blame Cosmetics), which was previously prepared. He is the head of the capital HomeO Laboratory and the creator of Sreejaya Pharmaceuticals Yunani. Also a renowned social worker, a successful industrialist with an interest in He passed away on 3/11/2007
In the absence of the arrows, his well-being had taken charge of this organization. In addition, this institution has many steps in production, namely: Yunani Fasangasta, Modern Drugs, Vayakamastis and Botanist
A team of well-educated and experienced individuals, comprising all the profession related to marketing, is a beautiful team. Besides, there are well-educated, experienced and skilled people in charge of market management, who are dedicated to meeting your needs with their professional skills.